Thursday, April 30, 2009

Episode 1 is out

So yeah, I (Fizz) have finally gotten around to posting that I have the first episode done. Yes it sucks, but I promise I'll make it better. That means there will be a v.2. At the moment I don't know if I'll make ep 1 v.2 or episode 2 first. Although I will perform an audio swap on this version just so I don't have balancing issues with my audio, and mybe put in a little SFX. And now for your enjoyment Gundam 00 Abridged, as presented by The Pretentious Society. Actually, as presented by Fizzmaister, with some input from the rest of The Pretentious Society, and featuring the voicework of stonescorpio starring as all of the females and little Setsuna.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gundam 00 Intro Released

Yes that's right, Fizz has finished making the intro and it is out. Give us a few clicks, we need to get the search engines to figure out that this exists and is awesome.

The first episode should be out by Monday, wish us luck.

We are the Pretentious Society

Yes this is the blog of the Pretentious Society. It may be used for many purposes, but for now, it's the official blog of the Gundam 00 Abridged team. I (Fizzmaister) was thinking of doing and abridged series for Gundam 00 for a while. However, my plans have been accelerated; hbi2k has thrown down the gauntlet to make an abridged series that starts with G, and he wants the first episode done and uploaded by Monday, April 27. Not one to back down from such an overt challenge, I have altered my plans (alright I created plans, I didn't have a schedule before this challenge) to accomplish this Herculean task.

hbi2k, I accept your challenge and shall do my best to create an abridged series.